Hair Styles from 1920’s

Beauty and Beautiful

In 1920’s fashion had experienced a more modern and bold change. Women started to abandon the restrictions of yester years and experiment with more comfortable clothing. Along with clothes even makeup and hairstyle faced a new dawn. The deep eyes with bold lips with the wavy hair styles added to their oomph factor. The entire look gave them a more innocent and delicately bold touch. The look they portrayed made men go weak in their knees and even after so many years this look is surfacing back with more elegance and a more modern and edgy approach.

Below are few images sourced from just to showcase the hair styles of our English Vintage years. I am trying out a few myself, if you like them and wish to try them or have already tried them then please share them in the comments section.




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Return of the Pinafore Dressing

Beauty and Beautiful

What do you mean by a Pinafore: This style dates back to 1920s. It’s a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing. The name reflects that the pinafore was formerly pinned (pin) to the front (afore) of a dress. It does not have sleeves and there is no back to the bodice.
Since its evolution it has come a long way. Presently it can be altered and styled in various ways ranging from a vintage look to a casual look and even can be extended to a classy and sophisticated look.
Below are few images sourced from to give a clearer picture on Pinafores and how we can style pinafores in the 21st century.















Missing Durga Pujo..Missing my childhood

Beauty and Beautiful

Mone pore jaye chutto belar kotha…
Mahalaya theke shuru hoto dress’er trails’er pala..
Matching kaner dulo Jodi na hoye kena
Maye’r matha’y shuru hoto jontrona..
Bondhur kache amar theke beshi jama kano
Ekhoni cholo bazaar, notun jama keno..
Palay palay dress change hoto,
Sathe change hoto juto..kintu paye porto je poshka boro boro
Sara bocher’er opekha jeno char dine purno hoto.
Maa chole gele roye jeto beja chokh duto…
Ekhon aami boro hoyechi, hoyechi ek corporate employee..
Durga Pujo’r saad online’e purno kori tai

Cruelty towards Animals in the name of Testing


My love for animals made me search for the effects of cosmetic testing on animals where I came across these few points which make me think “Do I really look beautiful after using products which may have led to the cruelty towards innocent animals”…I look like a Hangman ..and so do all of us because of whom these companies are still carrying on such in-human animal testing.

1. Animal testing exclusively involves mice and rats.
Companies that conduct animal testing use many different species. After mice and rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and dogs are the most commonly used animals.

2. When you test shampoo on animals, you simply rub it on their fur.
Animal testing usually involves applying chemicals or products to animals’ shaved skin or eyes. In one of the most commonly used tests, researchers put chemicals into their eyes and record the state of the injured eye for 21 days.

3. Animals can’t feel pain.
A recent experiment found that when mice are exposed to painful stimuli, they display facial expressions very similar to those humans show when in pain. Research has also found that many animals even suffer from depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders in laboratories.

4. All animals in laboratories have some legal protection.
The only federal law that applies to animals used for testing is the Animal Welfare Act, which only regulates cage size, cleanliness, and food and water, but does not limit the procedures that can be done. This law excludes rats, mice, birds, cold-blooded animals, and animals commonly killed for food—so rats and mice, the animals most commonly used in toxicity tests, are not even given minimal protections.

5. Animals are well cared for and are given anesthesia or painkillers during tests.
Generally, animals are not given anesthesia even during extremely painful tests.

6. Some animals get to live happy lives once they are not needed for any more testing.
Every year, millions of animals used for testing are killed during the experiment or soon after.

7. Cosmetic testing on animals is required by law.
The United States does not require tests on cosmetics. In fact, hundreds of companies do not test their products on animals, just look for the rabbit logo on the label that tells you that your beauty product is animal-friendly.

8. Testing cosmetics on animals tells us whether the products are safe.
It’s difficult to interpret what animal test results mean for humans, because each species reacts differently to various substances.

9. There aren’t any alternatives to animal tests.
There are many cheaper and faster alternative methods that produce more accurate information. Examples include artificial human skin and robotic technology that can screen thousands of chemicals at once using cells grown in the lab.

10. Companies always use the most current testing methods.
Many companies continue to test chemicals and products using animal-based tests developed in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

11. There is nothing I can do to stop animal suffering in laboratories.
There are many things you can do to help animals in laboratories.

* Look for an animal-testing free logo on products you buy.
* Use an alternative to dissection in science class.
* Start a campaign making people aware about these animal testing myths.

This article is still better. The other articles were spine chilling and when I searched for images in google, I couldn’t stop my tears from rolling down.

As end consumers we don’t have much to do except the most important part-Stop using products those are tested on Animals. Looks for the rabbit sign which says its animal friendly. Let our lipstick, shampoo’s, eyeliner be the reason of somebody’s pain.

These points are re=searched from the website: and I don’t own any ownership. The Purpose of this Post is just to share the awareness because I know we all care.

Oriflame Very Me Happy Glow Lip Gloss


Dear friends

Recently my love for Lip Gloss made me buy this little sweet heart from Oriflame called as “Happy Glow” from the Very Me rage categorized as “Moods Lip Gloss”.
Color: Pomegranate
Shade: Deep Hot Pink
Price: 249/- INR

The Lip Gloss has very fine shimmer in self color and gold. These are like light reflecting particles which adds to the shine. But once applied they are not visible. The Gloss is not very heavy on the Lips and neither too sticky. It stays on for 1-2 hrs after which the color starts fading leaving back a sweet deep pinkish tint and moisturized lips with a subtle glow. You need not apply any lip balm and the lips remain moisturized until you eat or drink.

Very Me Lip Gloss_Glowing halo

Very Me Lip Gloss_Glowing halo

The Lip gloss gives a very sheer coverage which may be a con for girls with pigmented lips. As for me I apply lipstick to cover the pigmentation marks as my lips are highly pigmented and then apply the gloss.

Very Me Lip Gloss_Glowing halo

Very Me Lip Gloss_Glowing halo

1. Decent color payoff considering that it’s just a gloss.
2. Very good moisturizing effect
3. Not very sticky
1. Won’t hide pigmentation.
2. You need a Oriflame consultant for getting their products

Overall: 3.5/5
There is nothing exceptional in this Gloss and nothing too bad either. It’s just a decent product.

Wife Vs. Girl Friend

Short Stories

Hi friends,
We all complain that boy friends were better than husbands. They were caring, loving and more concerned. But did we realize why men change….just one example.
Husband is supposed to be returning after one month from his onsite project.
Wife: Since morning busy cleaning and dusting the house. Giving a new look to the house. Barely eats anything because she doesn’t want to waste time.


Since afternoon starts preparing the menu for dinner. With her full dedication and love prepares the best dinner she can for her Husband. By evening she manages to complete her cooking and decorating the house, cleaning the kitchen and setting up the table. If she had kids then she will feed the kids and put them to sleep so that she can have some “we” time with her Husband. While she manages to complete all these mammoth tasks, she gets a call from her husband that he has already arrived and is heading towards home. So she quickly takes a bath, gets fresh puts on some decent makeup and waits for her husband. But inside she is tired which clearly reflects on her skin.
Girl friend: Since morning her skin and hair care will start. With her face pack and hair pack on she will complete the dusting and cleaning of the house.

Wife/gf 2


Take rest in the afternoon. As evening flows she starts her deciding on her dress followed by her elaborate makeup process. As she receives the message of his arrival, calls a good restaurant and orders his favorite dishes and waits for him.
Finally Mr. Husband/Boyfriend arrives:



Wife: Greets him with a warm hug. Husband who is already tired just gets fresh and in the mean time wife sets the table. Dinner is ready.


Both have dinner together and the first reaction of husband-oh! Home cooked food…how much I missed them. Truly there cannot be a better cook than you. Wife gets very happy with the compliment. After the dinner husband retires for the day and wife cleans the table. Checks the doors and she even retires for the day –dead Tired.

Girl friend: Greets him with a warm hug. Boyfriend first compliments her on how beautiful she looks and how much he missed her, and then gets fresh. In the meantime dinner arrives.


Have dinner together with lots of love and romance. After dinner the romance continues……… 😉

No one is wrong the wife or Girlfriend. Its just that a wife apart from her role has lot of other roles and responsibilities where at the end she forgets herself. She is much bothered about her husband’s taste buds but not of her beauty. As a matter of fact the first thing which appeals a man is a woman’s beauty and then food. She can cook good food everyday but the first look and a long gap is more important. So girls first love yourself and bring some spice to your relations.

The Lone Survivor

Short Stories

As I sit alone and stare at the blue sky, I feel the need of a partner, a friend or just a companion. With whom I can share my joys, my sorrows or simply sit quite but still be content that I am not alone.

Just few years back we were a group of identical friends always together – dancing, singing and merry making throughout day. Our motto was live for today, there was no tomorrow in our dictionary. Those days are still fresh in my mind.

The topography of our area was almost circular and very densely populated. Genetically even we were healthy and very dark in complexion. I heard people saying the darker you are the better it is. We were always pampered with good oils, Expensive shampoos followed by conditioners which made us feel so light and shiny that if let lose we could fly like a bird high in the sky and once in while she – our landlady used to apply some sticky substance which almost froze us. But once washed we used to shine even brighter.


Then suddenly I don’t know what happened to her she applied something on us and we all lost our original color and looked like some alien may be. But she seemed to be happy. So we all were happy. But this didn’t stop; now she tried a different color on us. I should admit it was very suffocating. I felt that I am losing my individuality. The process went on. But this time it was just enough she simply changed my shape. From being straight I was made curly. I felt so depressed. My self-respect was hurt.


From being a bunch of happy friends now we were tensed and depressed. We lost our glow. The chemicals were painful. I started getting split ends and my skin was rough. I even lost weight and from a healthy hair shaft now I am just a lean fellow. Life still went on till we lost one of our very young friend. Losing him was a big shock. We were always prepared to lose our matured members but losing a young soul without any valid reason was scary and then I heard we lost one more young soul. The matured one were already leaving us in great numbers but now the young ones too. The birth process even slowed down. Due to usage to harsh chemicals our infant were suffocating. They were suffering from malnutrition and thus unable to fight the game of survival. Slowly but steadily the hair follicles were getting infertile. There was no reproduction so no new life-no new hair. It looked like a barren land with scattered fertilization. Each one waiting for their turn and now it’s only me.
As I stare till where my vision takes me it’s just barren land. All lost and I am just the lone survivor. My roots are weak, don’t know till when I can sustain. Even a simple breeze scares me.


Many a times I found her crying standing in front of the mirror, visiting various parlor and dermatologists but all in vain. She covers her head whenever she steps out. Doesn’t attend any social events and her once best friend- the mirror is like her worst enemy.


Short Stories

Today, I am standing on the crossroads-one on which I am walking and the other is dark and unknown.

The first one is risk free, yet stagnant. There is nothing much that I gain and nothing that I loose. But it has given me my identity. It made me what I am today and like a loyal friend will be there with me.

The second one is like a closed envelope. Nobody knows what is there inside. It may be a pot of gold or a bag of ashes.

However both the roads have their own pros and cons. One gives me financial stability, independence, social status, security, my own identity but takes away my time.

The other gives me time and rest all are unforeseen. It may be …. May not be.


People tell that I am fickle minded, I cannot concentrate and I am not focused. I say I am just knocking on all the opportunities which cross my way. It’s like a snake and ladder game. I either reach the top or fall in that dark pit. But I know I cannot travel two roads at the same time and neither can I keep the one not travelled for tomorrow. One road always leads to the other and never in life will we ever come back to the same crossroads.


On whichever way we are walking in our lives the one not chosen will always remain a mystery. But I believe is whichever way I choose I should have full faith and trust in myself and accept the consequences and let go the road not travelled by.


Standing on a crossroad and taking a decision is like risking all your winnings on one turn of pitch – and – toss. It takes a lot of courage to take the road less travelled by and definitely that will make all the difference.

Note:image taken from google.

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

Aroma Magic

Dear Friends,
I was introduced to Aroma Magic products almost 6 years back by one of my PG-mates. Though I am not in touch with her anymore but have never left my touch with Aroma Magic products and one such product is their Aroma Magic Almond Moisturizing Lotion.

Company Claims: The Ultimate Moisturizer with cocoa and shea butter that hydrate and nourish the skin. Easily absorbed to make skin soft, supple, fresh and provide barrier against pollution. Also help in stretch marks and dermatitis. Non greasy.

Price: 150/- for 120ml
Shelf life: 2 yrs

Aroma Magic_Almond Moisturizing Lotion_GH_1

Aroma Magic_Almond Moisturizing Lotion_GH_1




Aroma Magic_Almond Moisturizing Lotion_Glowing Halo

My Experience with the Product:
• It lives up to the claim of moisturization, hydration and nourishment. Once applied the moisturization effect lasts till evening.
• Texture is neither runny nor very heavy. Just appropriate.
• Soft creamy texture helps in easy application.
• Gets absorbed easily and leaves a subtle glow.
• Gives an instant boost of moisture to the skin which remains till late evening.
• Decent smell makes the application process very luxurious
• Travel friendly bottle.
• Affordable
• Not tested on animals.
• Mainly for dry skin but oily skinned beauties can mix little water while application and enjoy the goodness of the lotion
• A complete savior in these harsh winters.
• Enriched with essential oils.
• I am even using it as night cream and love the glow on my face the next morning

What I didn’t like about the product:
• Complete ingredient list is missing and only active ingredients are mentioned. I really dislike hiding facts. It here where I get suspicious regarding the authenticity of the product and brand.
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: I strongly recommend this product because I feel it’s a good product and stands true to its entire claim.