The Main Culprit


We crib, criticize, back bite, gossip, but have we ever thought who is our prime enemy. Its none other than our own tongue. If we can control our tongue a lot of problems wouldn’t have existed.
Just recall how many times we regret of saying something to somebody and spent the rest of our lives thinking wish I wouldn’t have said that. Not only in matter of words our TONGUE even betrays us in one more important aspect of life and that’s taste.

We try so hard and make up our mind to follow a proper diet and workout regime. We wake up early burn our energy, sweat out our blood running in the treadmill and lose somewhat few hundred calories. Then what? As soon as we see something tempting in front of our eyes our tongue betrays our mind. Its starts pestering our brains…”Pls pls this is the last brownie…I promise never again will I ever look at them”….

Poor Brain…after lot of coaxing it still loses in front of the Mighty Tongue and all lost calories or may be more calories are gained. We remain where we were. Taste rules all decisions.

The day we control our speech and taste we will be much happier and satisfied.