Wife Vs. Girl Friend

Short Stories

Hi friends,
We all complain that boy friends were better than husbands. They were caring, loving and more concerned. But did we realize why men change….just one example.
Husband is supposed to be returning after one month from his onsite project.
Wife: Since morning busy cleaning and dusting the house. Giving a new look to the house. Barely eats anything because she doesn’t want to waste time.


Since afternoon starts preparing the menu for dinner. With her full dedication and love prepares the best dinner she can for her Husband. By evening she manages to complete her cooking and decorating the house, cleaning the kitchen and setting up the table. If she had kids then she will feed the kids and put them to sleep so that she can have some “we” time with her Husband. While she manages to complete all these mammoth tasks, she gets a call from her husband that he has already arrived and is heading towards home. So she quickly takes a bath, gets fresh puts on some decent makeup and waits for her husband. But inside she is tired which clearly reflects on her skin.
Girl friend: Since morning her skin and hair care will start. With her face pack and hair pack on she will complete the dusting and cleaning of the house.

Wife/gf 2


Take rest in the afternoon. As evening flows she starts her deciding on her dress followed by her elaborate makeup process. As she receives the message of his arrival, calls a good restaurant and orders his favorite dishes and waits for him.
Finally Mr. Husband/Boyfriend arrives:



Wife: Greets him with a warm hug. Husband who is already tired just gets fresh and in the mean time wife sets the table. Dinner is ready.


Both have dinner together and the first reaction of husband-oh! Home cooked food…how much I missed them. Truly there cannot be a better cook than you. Wife gets very happy with the compliment. After the dinner husband retires for the day and wife cleans the table. Checks the doors and she even retires for the day –dead Tired.

Girl friend: Greets him with a warm hug. Boyfriend first compliments her on how beautiful she looks and how much he missed her, and then gets fresh. In the meantime dinner arrives.


Have dinner together with lots of love and romance. After dinner the romance continues……… 😉

No one is wrong the wife or Girlfriend. Its just that a wife apart from her role has lot of other roles and responsibilities where at the end she forgets herself. She is much bothered about her husband’s taste buds but not of her beauty. As a matter of fact the first thing which appeals a man is a woman’s beauty and then food. She can cook good food everyday but the first look and a long gap is more important. So girls first love yourself and bring some spice to your relations.

The Lone Survivor

Short Stories

As I sit alone and stare at the blue sky, I feel the need of a partner, a friend or just a companion. With whom I can share my joys, my sorrows or simply sit quite but still be content that I am not alone.

Just few years back we were a group of identical friends always together – dancing, singing and merry making throughout day. Our motto was live for today, there was no tomorrow in our dictionary. Those days are still fresh in my mind.

The topography of our area was almost circular and very densely populated. Genetically even we were healthy and very dark in complexion. I heard people saying the darker you are the better it is. We were always pampered with good oils, Expensive shampoos followed by conditioners which made us feel so light and shiny that if let lose we could fly like a bird high in the sky and once in while she – our landlady used to apply some sticky substance which almost froze us. But once washed we used to shine even brighter.


Then suddenly I don’t know what happened to her she applied something on us and we all lost our original color and looked like some alien may be. But she seemed to be happy. So we all were happy. But this didn’t stop; now she tried a different color on us. I should admit it was very suffocating. I felt that I am losing my individuality. The process went on. But this time it was just enough she simply changed my shape. From being straight I was made curly. I felt so depressed. My self-respect was hurt.


From being a bunch of happy friends now we were tensed and depressed. We lost our glow. The chemicals were painful. I started getting split ends and my skin was rough. I even lost weight and from a healthy hair shaft now I am just a lean fellow. Life still went on till we lost one of our very young friend. Losing him was a big shock. We were always prepared to lose our matured members but losing a young soul without any valid reason was scary and then I heard we lost one more young soul. The matured one were already leaving us in great numbers but now the young ones too. The birth process even slowed down. Due to usage to harsh chemicals our infant were suffocating. They were suffering from malnutrition and thus unable to fight the game of survival. Slowly but steadily the hair follicles were getting infertile. There was no reproduction so no new life-no new hair. It looked like a barren land with scattered fertilization. Each one waiting for their turn and now it’s only me.
As I stare till where my vision takes me it’s just barren land. All lost and I am just the lone survivor. My roots are weak, don’t know till when I can sustain. Even a simple breeze scares me.


Many a times I found her crying standing in front of the mirror, visiting various parlor and dermatologists but all in vain. She covers her head whenever she steps out. Doesn’t attend any social events and her once best friend- the mirror is like her worst enemy.


Short Stories

Today, I am standing on the crossroads-one on which I am walking and the other is dark and unknown.

The first one is risk free, yet stagnant. There is nothing much that I gain and nothing that I loose. But it has given me my identity. It made me what I am today and like a loyal friend will be there with me.

The second one is like a closed envelope. Nobody knows what is there inside. It may be a pot of gold or a bag of ashes.

However both the roads have their own pros and cons. One gives me financial stability, independence, social status, security, my own identity but takes away my time.

The other gives me time and rest all are unforeseen. It may be …. May not be.


People tell that I am fickle minded, I cannot concentrate and I am not focused. I say I am just knocking on all the opportunities which cross my way. It’s like a snake and ladder game. I either reach the top or fall in that dark pit. But I know I cannot travel two roads at the same time and neither can I keep the one not travelled for tomorrow. One road always leads to the other and never in life will we ever come back to the same crossroads.


On whichever way we are walking in our lives the one not chosen will always remain a mystery. But I believe is whichever way I choose I should have full faith and trust in myself and accept the consequences and let go the road not travelled by.


Standing on a crossroad and taking a decision is like risking all your winnings on one turn of pitch – and – toss. It takes a lot of courage to take the road less travelled by and definitely that will make all the difference.

Note:image taken from google.

Where the mind is without Fear.

Beauty and Beautiful, Short Stories

With all that’s happening around us, I can say I am scared. I am scared for myself, my daughter, sister, niece, mother, friends rather the entire female gender. Starting from female feticide, child abuse, rape…..why??? Why are we treated this way? It’s so disheartening so live amidst this society where crime after crime is being committed and no action is taken.
There is one Tagore’s poem that’s coming to my mind –“Where the mind is without Fear”

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

To our counterpart gender-To all the fathers, brothers, uncles, friends and so on…We love you, Trust you. Please if you can’t love us at least give us some respect and let us live fearlessly. Please Let us live with dignity. Don’t make us believe that it’s a curse being born as a daughter.
Will a day come when we –Girls can really wake up to a fearless and free country, with equality of thoughts and respect?

A Wheel’s Story

Short Stories

Hi…I am a Wheel…
As per technicalities I am a circular component meant for rotating on an axial bearing.
As per history I was discovered in mid 4th millennium BC. I had several makes like from stone to wood and progressed to Rubber. My main purpose is to ease transportation. As my contact with surface is minimum compared to any other geometrical figure, hence I make transportation easy and fast. However now-a-days my functions have diversified and you will find me almost everywhere.
Now coming to my life..I keep on rotating and proceeding on and on till I am placed on my rim..but if you drop me flat on the surface then I have no use…I will lie there just like any other object.
You can even compare me with Life. Suppose I am standing on a high mountain and you give me a push…There a life is Born. My initial run is fast as I am travelling on a steep slope, just like childhood. Childhood passes very fast. In the first year itself we learn to sit, stand, and walk. Then start running and growing. In span of 15-18 years we almost learn all the theories of life. We know the geography of our planet, history of our culture, calculations of our daily life, Biology of ours and other living being, Physics of our system, reactions of radicals. Learn various Languages across the world. And if you notice that this path is one of the smoothest paths we travel. Always under the care and security of our parents.
After the steep slope we come towards the base of the mountain. This is neither very steep nor plain. Same is our youth. Though we have challenges yet we still have a tension free life…Our main concern is establishing ourselves in this society. Just like the wheel which after a steep slope is getting used to the not so steep slope. Even this phase is short term.
Then we slowly progress towards the plains…..this is our middle age. We have our own families now and we are responsible for their well being. Once we were dependent on our parents now our parents depend on us. When they walk they look for our support. The speed with which a wheel travels on a slope decreases to a considerable amount on the plains. Similarly our lives also slow down. From being an adventurous youth we look more for security. Both Financial and emotional stability is desired. But we move on. This phase is the longest. On a plain land chances of falling on pot holes are more. Friction even increases similarly challenges also increase. When we are young our decision had major affect on our lives. But now it affects our entire family. We have to be cautious in every step but keep the momentum alive and keep running.
Slowly we enter old age. As the wheel keeps on spinning it encounters lot of wear and tear which results in decrease of speed with which it was traveling. Similar with old age our body also undergoes lot of wear and tear, it starts developing lot of ailments and we slow down. We look for a push here and there to keep the momentum going. And somehow just manage to roll.
If you have ever noticed a rolling wheel before stopping it slows down and then suddenly looses its balance and falls down but tries to still roll and slowly slowly the momentum decreases and finally ceases. That’s the end. Life ceases. Breath stops. For a wheel external factors affect its movement but Breath is the fuel of Life. When external factors cease to act a wheel stops and when breath ceases Life stops.

A ceiling Fan’s Tale

Short Stories

There I was sitting with my entire limbs dissembled in a box when I heard a man’s voice – “Quick Quick I don’t have time. I need a high quality FAN which would provide the sweetest and coolest breeze and the color preferably in Pink”. My owner was running around to satisfy the queries of that –gentleman. “Oh Pink color”…yes yes we do have only one product in that color but it’s a bit pricey was my owner’s reply. The gentleman replied –“I don’t care just show me once and better be fast my wife is getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow early morning and by today night I have to complete the decoration of her room. Actually she delivered a beautiful baby girl 5 days back and we had decorated our room to welcome the bundle of joy, but just last night our old fan gave away so here I am to purchase a new fan for my daughter”.

Then first time after they had packed me I saw light and my new Guardian. He seemed to be in his late twenties but I should say he was handsome…The very moment he saw me I was finalized. I heard my owner calling him Mr. Ghosh. Within next few hours I was hanging in a beautifully decorated room with my four hands stretched. The room had a color combination of pink and lilac with a little pink cradle and a big bed. Full of soft toys, rattles, wind chimes. As they switched on the power I got energized and went on round and round..Oh how happy I felt..The wind chimes started singing with me, the floral curtains were dancing to our tune and Mr. Ghosh just uttered “PERFECT”.

Today is 1st August and Mr. Ghosh woke up very early in the morning and made sure everything was just in place and finally after giving few more instruction to our two helpers he left home. Within 11:30am we heard the car honking. In the meantime I had befriended my room-mates, the lights, curtains, furniture’s and those little Bunnies…and I came to know that Mr. Ghosh has gone to the hospital to get his wife and new born daughter home for the 1st time. There Mrs. Ghosh entered the room with a cute little baby wrapped in a pink towel. She looked tired….she is a new mom, delivery and sleepless nights was clearly visible in the eyes but she managed a smile. Oh..There!!! so this is our new fan…it’s so pretty I love the color…My My ..I started blushing and I could see my naughty friends smiling back at me…Oh my God what happened..the baby started crying…”baby don’t cry..pls pls” I nobody heard me…Mrs. Ghosh just called for one of her helpers and asked her to switch on the fan….and there she had a smile….God bless the little Angel..She is so cute…and then the routine started…Everybody was really busy with the new responsibility. ..oh yes forgot to mention, our little angel was called Ryka-one who is born out of a hymn or prayer.

Days passed and Ryka was growing…there was no night or day for the Ghosh family. Their sole attention was on Ryka..She loved staring at me..talking to me..If somebody switched me off she would start crying but the moment I start rotating there would be that million dollar smile on her face…I am simply loving me life. Once in a while they would clean me and I would be beautiful again..Just like Mrs Ghosh. She also looked beautiful after she got cleaned – I mean her regular parlor sessions. Time simply flew by and the little angel has grown up to be naughty girl. Running from this end to that end of the house. Throwing things…Breaking toys…Sometimes hurting herself…Her laughter was like music to ears and her cries broke my heart. Whenever she cried I just felt to hug her…Caress her but my feet were tied. I stay there just as a spectator.

Life was smooth when all of sudden few men came down and was drilling something in the wall…it was a new connection to put up an AC in the room. As the temperature was rising Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh thought the they need a AC in Ryka room so that she can study better and is not affected by the heat. I felt like a Failure. I wasn’t able to give her comfort from the rising temperature.

Now I am just like a show piece in the room that has no use. They had covered me so that I don’t get dirty but that restricted my vision. I can’t see Ryka and nobody saw my tears. Her lovely voice was enough for me to survive. God listened to me. One day we had huge storm and the window was open. The wind was so fierce that my cover tore in two pieces…my happiness new no bounds. I was laughing in joy and just then somebody entered the room. A beautiful young girl..Ahhh!!..God !!! She is Ryka..She looks so beautiful….22 years have passed and she looks like a beautiful damsel…but Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh look old…just heard them talking that Mr. Ghosh has high cholesterol and doctors have advised him a strict no fat diet..And Mrs. Ghosh is always complaining about her knee pain but that doesn’t keep her from missing her Parlor appointments. I felt like I got my life back…All my friends cheered however maximum of my old friends were replaced for new.

I could hear certain discussions going on…Ryka is in LOVE and Mr. Ghosh is against her choice. Mrs Ghosh tied between daughter and husband. After lot of discussions finally Mr. Ghosh had to agree.

Today is Ryka’s marriage. They booked a Posh hall for the so couldn’t  see her prince …. I pray that she should get the best man in her life. The 1st day of Bengali marriage ceremony was over and tomorrow is her “Bidai”. There she stood in a beautiful red benarsi saree loaded with jewelry…and her Prince…A handsome young man just of the same age as Mr. Ghosh was when he bought me home. I hope he will love and always take care of our little princess. She came inside the room as if to recollect her childhood memories. This is the room where she has spent her life till now. She called her husband and pointed out to me..That fan is my best friend…I used to talk to him when I was alone in the room..I grew up with it…then somebody called for her and they left the room…she stopped by the door and turned back at me…I could see tears in her eyes…I couldn’t control myself….I missed her presence in the room…her voice…It was very hard for her parents even but this is life and life has to go on…everyday Mrs. Ghosh used to come and spent time just watching her things and talking to her…

What happened today again I see lot of hustle bustle going on….Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh running around..Each one of use were getting cleaned…I thought let’s wait and watch..And next day morning…..I couldn’t  believe my eyes..It was Ryka and in her arm was her little daughter. She just delivered a baby girl. There she stood by the door Mr. Ghosh came running cause the little baby started cry..”It’s very hot here..Let me switch on the AC”..But what happened the AC is not working…not today …this damn this malfunctioned..what to do now…”Please switch on the fan baba” …These words spoken by Ryka were like honey drops to me ears. And I was switched on…..and I went on round and round…..those little eyes were sparkling and she was giggled……My happiness had no bounds…I simply went on and on..As if there is not tomorrow…… Today I have no regrets…The purpose of my existence is complete…..and now I am witness to Ryka juniors’ childhood….Here’s my new beginning