Makeup Basics


Makeup is not to sport a fairer or different look.  It’s just to enhance and bring out the positives of what we are already. God has gifted us with our look and we should accept it as it is and portray it with confidence. If by makeup we try to achieve an artificial look then we may lose out on our self confidence however if we just enhance our beauty and use makeup to accentuate and highlight the positive features and try to camouflage those little scars and dark circles which are a result of improper diet, fatigue, accidents etc, then I feel we can carry our self with more confidence and dignity.

Below mentioned are the few basic sequential steps we can follow to get that flawless look.

Makeup Primer: Helps in smoothing the fine lines and hiding scards. Prepare the face for that flawless look. To be used on a cleansed face before applying foundation. This is an optional step and can be skipped as per choice.

Concealer: In respect to foundation its application is mainly limited to specified areas, like to cover up blemishes, dark circles, dark spots and/or scars to give that even tone. It’s available in various shades as per the skin tone.

 Foundation: It’s a tinted cosmetic product close to skin tone, which when applied gives an even tone and helps in covering up the blemishes and dark spots to provide an even skin tone

Compact: its loose tinted powder in a pressed form. It generally comes with a puff required to even application.  A compact actually holds the foundation to give the even toned look and provides the  base for the application of further makeup.  Even this comes in various shades to match our skin tone.

Eye shadow:  Eye shadows are generally used to accentuate your eyes. If you have small eyes then with proper eye makeup we can create bigger and brighter eye effect. As per our wish we can enhance our eyes.

Eyeliner/Eye Pencil:  Eyeliner or eye pencils are mainly used to define the shape of our eye and again with a little trick we can transform our entire look. I feel it’s one of the prime steps of makeup because our eyes attract the first attention.  These days the market is flooded with various shades for us to experiment. However the color selection should be as per the place and situation we have to attend.

Mascara: Generally used to highlight eye lashes to give the open-eye effect. It can also be used on eyebrows instead of an eyebrow pencil.

Blush:  Applied to emphasize the cheekbones.  With proper application we can add a sleek effect to a round look. It comes in two forms-Powder and cream based. Again its application is based on facial structure and colors should be based on skin tone. The shades are mainly nudes, brown, bronze, pink or red based.

Lipstick: Ahh!!!! This is the most important section. We all wish to have those perfect red pout. However only some are blessed but that doesn’t keep us away from enhancing our lips and all because of LIPSTICKs. Every girl will atleast have a lipstick. It has remained a girl’s desire from the Mesopotamian times. No makeup is complete without a Lipstick.

These are the basic steps for makeup and the key trick remains in the art of BLENDING. The better we blend the more natural look we can achieve


Foundation: It’s a tinted cosmetic product close to skin tone, which when applied gives an even tone and helps in covering up the blemishes and dark spots to provide an even skin tone.