Himalaya Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Beauty and Beautiful

Applying makeup and then removing makeup. We girls can really spend so much of time and energy to enhance our beauty. With makeup with try to hide our imperfections and successfully removing makeup makes sure we are not harming ourselves and maintaining our natural beauty. Thus removing makeup should be an integral part of our daily routine. But is it only removing makeup? No its removing impurities, oil, dirt, grime and dead cells that accumulate throughout the day so that our skin can be breathe easily and rest during sleep and we wake up to a more beautiful person.
In terms of cleansing milk I haven’t tried much however this is the first time I tried Himalaya’s Refreshing Cleansing milk.
My skin type: Normal.

Company’s Verdict:

Company's verdict

Company’s verdict


Ingredients list

Ingredients list

Price: INR 80/- for 100ml.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_1

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_1

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_2

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_2

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_6

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_6

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_5

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_5

My experience: Himalaya’s Refreshing Cleansing milk comes in a white opaque sturdy bottle and the product milky white with thickened texture and mild fragrance. You just require a coin size amount for your face and neck. It takes some time in getting absorbed so you need to massage it a bit. After that you can simply cleaning it with a damp cotton wool and your face is all clean. It removes all dirt and oil in just one swipe. After cleaning you feel fresh and moisturized and there is a subtle glow. At times I even miss my moisturizer and still it doesn’t feel stretchy. As I prefer water soluble makeup so I am unable to comment about its performance on waterproof makeup. Generally I use olive oil and Johnson’s baby oil for my eye region but certain times I have used this and the results were equally effective.

1. Effective in removing makeup, oil and dirt.
2. Imparts an subtle glow after cleansing
3. Feels refreshing
4. Doesn’t dry out skin
5. Affordable
6. Not Tested on Animals
1. Contains parabens
2. Takes time in getting absorbed.
Overall rating: 4. I think one should definitely give it a try.


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