Hair Styles from 1920’s

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In 1920’s fashion had experienced a more modern and bold change. Women started to abandon the restrictions of yester years and experiment with more comfortable clothing. Along with clothes even makeup and hairstyle faced a new dawn. The deep eyes with bold lips with the wavy hair styles added to their oomph factor. The entire look gave them a more innocent and delicately bold touch. The look they portrayed made men go weak in their knees and even after so many years this look is surfacing back with more elegance and a more modern and edgy approach.

Below are few images sourced from just to showcase the hair styles of our English Vintage years. I am trying out a few myself, if you like them and wish to try them or have already tried them then please share them in the comments section.




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Return of the Pinafore Dressing

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What do you mean by a Pinafore: This style dates back to 1920s. It’s a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing. The name reflects that the pinafore was formerly pinned (pin) to the front (afore) of a dress. It does not have sleeves and there is no back to the bodice.
Since its evolution it has come a long way. Presently it can be altered and styled in various ways ranging from a vintage look to a casual look and even can be extended to a classy and sophisticated look.
Below are few images sourced from to give a clearer picture on Pinafores and how we can style pinafores in the 21st century.















Missing Durga Pujo..Missing my childhood

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Mone pore jaye chutto belar kotha…
Mahalaya theke shuru hoto dress’er trails’er pala..
Matching kaner dulo Jodi na hoye kena
Maye’r matha’y shuru hoto jontrona..
Bondhur kache amar theke beshi jama kano
Ekhoni cholo bazaar, notun jama keno..
Palay palay dress change hoto,
Sathe change hoto juto..kintu paye porto je poshka boro boro
Sara bocher’er opekha jeno char dine purno hoto.
Maa chole gele roye jeto beja chokh duto…
Ekhon aami boro hoyechi, hoyechi ek corporate employee..
Durga Pujo’r saad online’e purno kori tai