Wife Vs. Girl Friend

Short Stories

Hi friends,
We all complain that boy friends were better than husbands. They were caring, loving and more concerned. But did we realize why men change….just one example.
Husband is supposed to be returning after one month from his onsite project.
Wife: Since morning busy cleaning and dusting the house. Giving a new look to the house. Barely eats anything because she doesn’t want to waste time.


Since afternoon starts preparing the menu for dinner. With her full dedication and love prepares the best dinner she can for her Husband. By evening she manages to complete her cooking and decorating the house, cleaning the kitchen and setting up the table. If she had kids then she will feed the kids and put them to sleep so that she can have some “we” time with her Husband. While she manages to complete all these mammoth tasks, she gets a call from her husband that he has already arrived and is heading towards home. So she quickly takes a bath, gets fresh puts on some decent makeup and waits for her husband. But inside she is tired which clearly reflects on her skin.
Girl friend: Since morning her skin and hair care will start. With her face pack and hair pack on she will complete the dusting and cleaning of the house.

Wife/gf 2


Take rest in the afternoon. As evening flows she starts her deciding on her dress followed by her elaborate makeup process. As she receives the message of his arrival, calls a good restaurant and orders his favorite dishes and waits for him.
Finally Mr. Husband/Boyfriend arrives:



Wife: Greets him with a warm hug. Husband who is already tired just gets fresh and in the mean time wife sets the table. Dinner is ready.


Both have dinner together and the first reaction of husband-oh! Home cooked food…how much I missed them. Truly there cannot be a better cook than you. Wife gets very happy with the compliment. After the dinner husband retires for the day and wife cleans the table. Checks the doors and she even retires for the day –dead Tired.

Girl friend: Greets him with a warm hug. Boyfriend first compliments her on how beautiful she looks and how much he missed her, and then gets fresh. In the meantime dinner arrives.


Have dinner together with lots of love and romance. After dinner the romance continues……… 😉

No one is wrong the wife or Girlfriend. Its just that a wife apart from her role has lot of other roles and responsibilities where at the end she forgets herself. She is much bothered about her husband’s taste buds but not of her beauty. As a matter of fact the first thing which appeals a man is a woman’s beauty and then food. She can cook good food everyday but the first look and a long gap is more important. So girls first love yourself and bring some spice to your relations.