The Lone Survivor

Short Stories

As I sit alone and stare at the blue sky, I feel the need of a partner, a friend or just a companion. With whom I can share my joys, my sorrows or simply sit quite but still be content that I am not alone.

Just few years back we were a group of identical friends always together – dancing, singing and merry making throughout day. Our motto was live for today, there was no tomorrow in our dictionary. Those days are still fresh in my mind.

The topography of our area was almost circular and very densely populated. Genetically even we were healthy and very dark in complexion. I heard people saying the darker you are the better it is. We were always pampered with good oils, Expensive shampoos followed by conditioners which made us feel so light and shiny that if let lose we could fly like a bird high in the sky and once in while she – our landlady used to apply some sticky substance which almost froze us. But once washed we used to shine even brighter.


Then suddenly I don’t know what happened to her she applied something on us and we all lost our original color and looked like some alien may be. But she seemed to be happy. So we all were happy. But this didn’t stop; now she tried a different color on us. I should admit it was very suffocating. I felt that I am losing my individuality. The process went on. But this time it was just enough she simply changed my shape. From being straight I was made curly. I felt so depressed. My self-respect was hurt.


From being a bunch of happy friends now we were tensed and depressed. We lost our glow. The chemicals were painful. I started getting split ends and my skin was rough. I even lost weight and from a healthy hair shaft now I am just a lean fellow. Life still went on till we lost one of our very young friend. Losing him was a big shock. We were always prepared to lose our matured members but losing a young soul without any valid reason was scary and then I heard we lost one more young soul. The matured one were already leaving us in great numbers but now the young ones too. The birth process even slowed down. Due to usage to harsh chemicals our infant were suffocating. They were suffering from malnutrition and thus unable to fight the game of survival. Slowly but steadily the hair follicles were getting infertile. There was no reproduction so no new life-no new hair. It looked like a barren land with scattered fertilization. Each one waiting for their turn and now it’s only me.
As I stare till where my vision takes me it’s just barren land. All lost and I am just the lone survivor. My roots are weak, don’t know till when I can sustain. Even a simple breeze scares me.


Many a times I found her crying standing in front of the mirror, visiting various parlor and dermatologists but all in vain. She covers her head whenever she steps out. Doesn’t attend any social events and her once best friend- the mirror is like her worst enemy.

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