Short Stories

Today, I am standing on the crossroads-one on which I am walking and the other is dark and unknown.

The first one is risk free, yet stagnant. There is nothing much that I gain and nothing that I loose. But it has given me my identity. It made me what I am today and like a loyal friend will be there with me.

The second one is like a closed envelope. Nobody knows what is there inside. It may be a pot of gold or a bag of ashes.

However both the roads have their own pros and cons. One gives me financial stability, independence, social status, security, my own identity but takes away my time.

The other gives me time and rest all are unforeseen. It may be …. May not be.


People tell that I am fickle minded, I cannot concentrate and I am not focused. I say I am just knocking on all the opportunities which cross my way. It’s like a snake and ladder game. I either reach the top or fall in that dark pit. But I know I cannot travel two roads at the same time and neither can I keep the one not travelled for tomorrow. One road always leads to the other and never in life will we ever come back to the same crossroads.


On whichever way we are walking in our lives the one not chosen will always remain a mystery. But I believe is whichever way I choose I should have full faith and trust in myself and accept the consequences and let go the road not travelled by.


Standing on a crossroad and taking a decision is like risking all your winnings on one turn of pitch – and – toss. It takes a lot of courage to take the road less travelled by and definitely that will make all the difference.

Note:image taken from google.

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