The Game of Power


The Game of Power.

What is Rape all about? Is it all about lust and excitement? No its nothing but the feeling which says “I am Superior”. It’s the Game of Power. Most of us may have experienced this situation in a crowded place. Irrespective of age color or size, when we are shopping in those street shops, or travelling in a crowded bus or train or simply walking down the footpath. All of a sudden somebody smack your back and gets diluted in the crowd or push you or simply try to touch you. Do you think the boy or man was sexually aroused or lust you. No. never…It’s just a feeling which tells them that “you are a Man, You are
Superior, you have the right of doing this”.And when the girl’s protests, their supremacy are hurt. They take this as an insult and start to devise plans on how to take revenge on her.

We girls are not lesser in any attributes except a social stigma that was again created by Man himself to maintain his highness. A man knows that he cannot affect a girl in any other way except this one single way. In the recent incident “that animal” lost his control because Amanat/Damini was giving him a tough fight. Instead of surrendering to him, she protested. She hurt his Little Male Ego and he taught her a good lesson.

In our society, in every home it’s taught that girls/women should keep quite and tolerate because a man is the head of the family. Then what are we??? Where do we stand?

Did we ever think who has given this power? Its we..And today it’s again we, who are suffering. In some ways our society are more matured. Where a family brings up a son and daughter equally with equal dignity and some still remain with this thought that daughters are a curse to the family. They are just fit to be in the kitchen and in the Bed. And when people from these two mentalities collide it gives rise to incidences like this.

We do have Men who are loving fathers, protective brothers, who respect each girl they meet and there are some who believes that there is only one way to prove your power of manhood and that is when you cripple a woman’s sanity. Until we have an educated society which will bridge these two strata’s of thinking, such incidences would continue to happen

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