A Wheel’s Story

Short Stories

Hi…I am a Wheel…
As per technicalities I am a circular component meant for rotating on an axial bearing.
As per history I was discovered in mid 4th millennium BC. I had several makes like from stone to wood and progressed to Rubber. My main purpose is to ease transportation. As my contact with surface is minimum compared to any other geometrical figure, hence I make transportation easy and fast. However now-a-days my functions have diversified and you will find me almost everywhere.
Now coming to my life..I keep on rotating and proceeding on and on till I am placed on my rim..but if you drop me flat on the surface then I have no use…I will lie there just like any other object.
You can even compare me with Life. Suppose I am standing on a high mountain and you give me a push…There a life is Born. My initial run is fast as I am travelling on a steep slope, just like childhood. Childhood passes very fast. In the first year itself we learn to sit, stand, and walk. Then start running and growing. In span of 15-18 years we almost learn all the theories of life. We know the geography of our planet, history of our culture, calculations of our daily life, Biology of ours and other living being, Physics of our system, reactions of radicals. Learn various Languages across the world. And if you notice that this path is one of the smoothest paths we travel. Always under the care and security of our parents.
After the steep slope we come towards the base of the mountain. This is neither very steep nor plain. Same is our youth. Though we have challenges yet we still have a tension free life…Our main concern is establishing ourselves in this society. Just like the wheel which after a steep slope is getting used to the not so steep slope. Even this phase is short term.
Then we slowly progress towards the plains…..this is our middle age. We have our own families now and we are responsible for their well being. Once we were dependent on our parents now our parents depend on us. When they walk they look for our support. The speed with which a wheel travels on a slope decreases to a considerable amount on the plains. Similarly our lives also slow down. From being an adventurous youth we look more for security. Both Financial and emotional stability is desired. But we move on. This phase is the longest. On a plain land chances of falling on pot holes are more. Friction even increases similarly challenges also increase. When we are young our decision had major affect on our lives. But now it affects our entire family. We have to be cautious in every step but keep the momentum alive and keep running.
Slowly we enter old age. As the wheel keeps on spinning it encounters lot of wear and tear which results in decrease of speed with which it was traveling. Similar with old age our body also undergoes lot of wear and tear, it starts developing lot of ailments and we slow down. We look for a push here and there to keep the momentum going. And somehow just manage to roll.
If you have ever noticed a rolling wheel before stopping it slows down and then suddenly looses its balance and falls down but tries to still roll and slowly slowly the momentum decreases and finally ceases. That’s the end. Life ceases. Breath stops. For a wheel external factors affect its movement but Breath is the fuel of Life. When external factors cease to act a wheel stops and when breath ceases Life stops.

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