A Man’s Dream


At 22yrs I have just completed my bachelors and have got a decent job in a good IT company. How much I had waited for this life. Today I am independent- emphasizing on my financial independence. I am not liable to give any calculations of my expenditure to anybody…not even Dad. I can buy what I want, party every night in a way Live my Life King-size

Till few months back had to ask money from Dad for every little thing I required…and then had to provide an itemized bill of all my expenditures…All my friends used to party and I with remorse in my heart and few pennies left in my wallet used to stare and tell myself-“a day will come and I will show u guys how to party”. Everybody had bikes or cars and I – just a bicycle. Isn’t it humiliating to take your bicycle to College when the girls swoon over the guys with bikes and cars? At times I used to take my father’s bike but that was again a simple old fashioned one. And from then onwards I started nursing a little dream of buying a BIG car- A Dream Car…A Mercedes….and used to pacify myself telling that once I get my job I will buy my car.

Life went by…Parties, dining… Shopping…Movies…Salary used to come and go. My Dad kept on telling “Son save  …Save some money” but who cared…however through all this I still had my secret dream. The moment I entered office I would see my colleagues coming in their posh cars and once again the same feeling grew in my heart…”I don’t have a car (sigh)”…however managed to buy a bike..a standard one …nothing extravagant..Month’s passed by…and I came close to one of my colleague …and finally we decided that we can’t waste any more money in restaurants and living in separate rented apartments instead we should start cooking and eating home cooked food. After lot of discussions with our respective families we tied the knot.

Now this was a different phase which I had never imagined. Initially my money was spent on friends and parties but now it goes in groceries, utensils, spices….God my life changed. Once Saturdays meant parties and discos and Sundays was reserved only for sleeping…but now Saturdays are meant for shopping grocery and Sundays for cleaning the house. Once a free bird was caged now…still couldn’t track my expenses…at the end of the month we both used to be bankrupt. Then one day we decided that we cannot bear the expense of a rented flat anymore instead we should purchase our own flat. The next few months flew by in hunting a good standard flat and finally we zeroed down to our dream house – a simple 2 BHK but my dream kept on haunting me every night

Life was even worse now. Then once in a month dining out was even put to stop. The EMI was huge but yes we were living in our own house…Juggling our expenses…now I am changed…instead of auto I travel in Bus…Instead of pizzas I prefer the road side pakoras…which were again replaced by home cooked pakoras…Which again used to be once in a blue moon…thats the pain of having a working wife..she never has time… Life seemed a bit simplified and we slowly got used to our expenses and had started a little saving scheme…but what about my dream. Every night before going to bed I used to surf through different websites associated with cars…Just sit and admire them…classy…Sexy…Beautiful cars… my wife  was curious about this habit of mine cause she had a firm believe that my eyes were admiring GIRLs and not cars….tried a lot to convince her..But girls u know…so finally left her with her thoughts and carried on with my silent love…my dream


Then came one more thunder…My wife was expecting….The most joyous moment had brought a huge sense of responsibility…God will I be able to shoulder this new responsibility…..9 months passed by and my wife delivered a cute little baby.

Felt like laying down the entire sky at her feet but the diaper and wipes charges were burning a hole in my pocket. Her smile was my most precious gift of God but somehow my wallet stopped smiling….Life went by and my daughter grew up and her steps had brought a new change in my life …I got a promotion and a hike in salary. I was able to provide a decent living to my family…

Now she is 3 years old and have to get her admitted to a school…and honestly can’t compromise on her education..But the school expense is beyond my understanding.

Thank God, had started the small saving scheme at least I was in a position to pay the initial amount to get my daughter admitted…

City travel expenses are at all time high as the petrol prices were hiked just like a bollywood movie being released every Friday. Finally I and wife decided that we need a four wheeler so that we three can travel together as our office and our daughter’s school was on the same way. Honestly we felt carrying our daughter in a bike includes risk…but are we able to invest in a four wheeler???…as the home loan was still on our head hanging like a sword … and job market being all time low.

After lot of ifs and buts we bought our first small budget car. Thanks to my wife she managed a car loan and convinced me that she can pull the loan through.

The moment we bought the car my little dream started pricking my heart….My Big dream car, which would make heads turn…But in reality was able to buy just a small car with nothing unusual…the sales agent handed me the keys and told with that usual smile “Sir here’s your car”. With a fake smile and a heavy heart I accepted the keys…But my eyes were fixed on that Big Luxury car which some rich business man had just purchased. And was driving out of the showroom…My heart bled…

I sat in the front seat and my daughter and wife took the adjacent seat…but as I touched the steering there was a different feeling…a feeling of pride…I felt it’s MY CAR..My 1st car…Maybe it’s not a Mercedes but for me it is nothing less than that….and I drove off….

Now I proudly take my car to my office and show off…but whenever my dream car crosses my way .. my heart pains and I smile and say “I Wish……”I don’t know if my dream will remain a dream or will I ever be able to make it a reality……

A ceiling Fan’s Tale

Short Stories

There I was sitting with my entire limbs dissembled in a box when I heard a man’s voice – “Quick Quick I don’t have time. I need a high quality FAN which would provide the sweetest and coolest breeze and the color preferably in Pink”. My owner was running around to satisfy the queries of that –gentleman. “Oh Pink color”…yes yes we do have only one product in that color but it’s a bit pricey was my owner’s reply. The gentleman replied –“I don’t care just show me once and better be fast my wife is getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow early morning and by today night I have to complete the decoration of her room. Actually she delivered a beautiful baby girl 5 days back and we had decorated our room to welcome the bundle of joy, but just last night our old fan gave away so here I am to purchase a new fan for my daughter”.

Then first time after they had packed me I saw light and my new Guardian. He seemed to be in his late twenties but I should say he was handsome…The very moment he saw me I was finalized. I heard my owner calling him Mr. Ghosh. Within next few hours I was hanging in a beautifully decorated room with my four hands stretched. The room had a color combination of pink and lilac with a little pink cradle and a big bed. Full of soft toys, rattles, wind chimes. As they switched on the power I got energized and went on round and round..Oh how happy I felt..The wind chimes started singing with me, the floral curtains were dancing to our tune and Mr. Ghosh just uttered “PERFECT”.

Today is 1st August and Mr. Ghosh woke up very early in the morning and made sure everything was just in place and finally after giving few more instruction to our two helpers he left home. Within 11:30am we heard the car honking. In the meantime I had befriended my room-mates, the lights, curtains, furniture’s and those little Bunnies…and I came to know that Mr. Ghosh has gone to the hospital to get his wife and new born daughter home for the 1st time. There Mrs. Ghosh entered the room with a cute little baby wrapped in a pink towel. She looked tired….she is a new mom, delivery and sleepless nights was clearly visible in the eyes but she managed a smile. Oh..There!!! so this is our new fan…it’s so pretty I love the color…My My ..I started blushing and I could see my naughty friends smiling back at me…Oh my God what happened..the baby started crying…”baby don’t cry..pls pls” I nobody heard me…Mrs. Ghosh just called for one of her helpers and asked her to switch on the fan….and there she had a smile….God bless the little Angel..She is so cute…and then the routine started…Everybody was really busy with the new responsibility. ..oh yes forgot to mention, our little angel was called Ryka-one who is born out of a hymn or prayer.

Days passed and Ryka was growing…there was no night or day for the Ghosh family. Their sole attention was on Ryka..She loved staring at me..talking to me..If somebody switched me off she would start crying but the moment I start rotating there would be that million dollar smile on her face…I am simply loving me life. Once in a while they would clean me and I would be beautiful again..Just like Mrs Ghosh. She also looked beautiful after she got cleaned – I mean her regular parlor sessions. Time simply flew by and the little angel has grown up to be naughty girl. Running from this end to that end of the house. Throwing things…Breaking toys…Sometimes hurting herself…Her laughter was like music to ears and her cries broke my heart. Whenever she cried I just felt to hug her…Caress her but my feet were tied. I stay there just as a spectator.

Life was smooth when all of sudden few men came down and was drilling something in the wall…it was a new connection to put up an AC in the room. As the temperature was rising Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh thought the they need a AC in Ryka room so that she can study better and is not affected by the heat. I felt like a Failure. I wasn’t able to give her comfort from the rising temperature.

Now I am just like a show piece in the room that has no use. They had covered me so that I don’t get dirty but that restricted my vision. I can’t see Ryka and nobody saw my tears. Her lovely voice was enough for me to survive. God listened to me. One day we had huge storm and the window was open. The wind was so fierce that my cover tore in two pieces…my happiness new no bounds. I was laughing in joy and just then somebody entered the room. A beautiful young girl..Ahhh!!..God !!! She is Ryka..She looks so beautiful….22 years have passed and she looks like a beautiful damsel…but Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh look old…just heard them talking that Mr. Ghosh has high cholesterol and doctors have advised him a strict no fat diet..And Mrs. Ghosh is always complaining about her knee pain but that doesn’t keep her from missing her Parlor appointments. I felt like I got my life back…All my friends cheered however maximum of my old friends were replaced for new.

I could hear certain discussions going on…Ryka is in LOVE and Mr. Ghosh is against her choice. Mrs Ghosh tied between daughter and husband. After lot of discussions finally Mr. Ghosh had to agree.

Today is Ryka’s marriage. They booked a Posh hall for the so couldn’t  see her prince …. I pray that she should get the best man in her life. The 1st day of Bengali marriage ceremony was over and tomorrow is her “Bidai”. There she stood in a beautiful red benarsi saree loaded with jewelry…and her Prince…A handsome young man just of the same age as Mr. Ghosh was when he bought me home. I hope he will love and always take care of our little princess. She came inside the room as if to recollect her childhood memories. This is the room where she has spent her life till now. She called her husband and pointed out to me..That fan is my best friend…I used to talk to him when I was alone in the room..I grew up with it…then somebody called for her and they left the room…she stopped by the door and turned back at me…I could see tears in her eyes…I couldn’t control myself….I missed her presence in the room…her voice…It was very hard for her parents even but this is life and life has to go on…everyday Mrs. Ghosh used to come and spent time just watching her things and talking to her…

What happened today again I see lot of hustle bustle going on….Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh running around..Each one of use were getting cleaned…I thought let’s wait and watch..And next day morning…..I couldn’t  believe my eyes..It was Ryka and in her arm was her little daughter. She just delivered a baby girl. There she stood by the door Mr. Ghosh came running cause the little baby started cry..”It’s very hot here..Let me switch on the AC”..But what happened the AC is not working…not today …this damn this malfunctioned..what to do now…”Please switch on the fan baba” …These words spoken by Ryka were like honey drops to me ears. And I was switched on…..and I went on round and round…..those little eyes were sparkling and she was giggled……My happiness had no bounds…I simply went on and on..As if there is not tomorrow…… Today I have no regrets…The purpose of my existence is complete…..and now I am witness to Ryka juniors’ childhood….Here’s my new beginning

Makeup Basics


Makeup is not to sport a fairer or different look.  It’s just to enhance and bring out the positives of what we are already. God has gifted us with our look and we should accept it as it is and portray it with confidence. If by makeup we try to achieve an artificial look then we may lose out on our self confidence however if we just enhance our beauty and use makeup to accentuate and highlight the positive features and try to camouflage those little scars and dark circles which are a result of improper diet, fatigue, accidents etc, then I feel we can carry our self with more confidence and dignity.

Below mentioned are the few basic sequential steps we can follow to get that flawless look.

Makeup Primer: Helps in smoothing the fine lines and hiding scards. Prepare the face for that flawless look. To be used on a cleansed face before applying foundation. This is an optional step and can be skipped as per choice.

Concealer: In respect to foundation its application is mainly limited to specified areas, like to cover up blemishes, dark circles, dark spots and/or scars to give that even tone. It’s available in various shades as per the skin tone.

 Foundation: It’s a tinted cosmetic product close to skin tone, which when applied gives an even tone and helps in covering up the blemishes and dark spots to provide an even skin tone

Compact: its loose tinted powder in a pressed form. It generally comes with a puff required to even application.  A compact actually holds the foundation to give the even toned look and provides the  base for the application of further makeup.  Even this comes in various shades to match our skin tone.

Eye shadow:  Eye shadows are generally used to accentuate your eyes. If you have small eyes then with proper eye makeup we can create bigger and brighter eye effect. As per our wish we can enhance our eyes.

Eyeliner/Eye Pencil:  Eyeliner or eye pencils are mainly used to define the shape of our eye and again with a little trick we can transform our entire look. I feel it’s one of the prime steps of makeup because our eyes attract the first attention.  These days the market is flooded with various shades for us to experiment. However the color selection should be as per the place and situation we have to attend.

Mascara: Generally used to highlight eye lashes to give the open-eye effect. It can also be used on eyebrows instead of an eyebrow pencil.

Blush:  Applied to emphasize the cheekbones.  With proper application we can add a sleek effect to a round look. It comes in two forms-Powder and cream based. Again its application is based on facial structure and colors should be based on skin tone. The shades are mainly nudes, brown, bronze, pink or red based.

Lipstick: Ahh!!!! This is the most important section. We all wish to have those perfect red pout. However only some are blessed but that doesn’t keep us away from enhancing our lips and all because of LIPSTICKs. Every girl will atleast have a lipstick. It has remained a girl’s desire from the Mesopotamian times. No makeup is complete without a Lipstick.

These are the basic steps for makeup and the key trick remains in the art of BLENDING. The better we blend the more natural look we can achieve


Foundation: It’s a tinted cosmetic product close to skin tone, which when applied gives an even tone and helps in covering up the blemishes and dark spots to provide an even skin tone.

Plight of a Working Woman.


 The only difference between men and women is that women are able to create new little human beings in their bodies while simultaneously writing books, driving tractors, working in offices, planting crops–in general, doing everything men do.”

5 am and the alarm rings, oh no I just slept and it’s morning now? Gosh!!! It’s already 5:05 am, wish I could have slept some more. No I can’t do that so many work is still pending. Ohhh!!!! My back can’t deal with this back ache anymore.  I guess many of us(Working mother’s) feel the same. And the day starts. First let me prepare the breakfast and Lunch…quick the hands of the clock are moving really fast..Oh God washing still left. Let’s put the clothes’ in the Washing machine and in the mean time I can pack the lunch. It’s already time and I need to get ready, got to hide my wrinkles and fine lines and yes those dark circles. Thank GOD these cosmetic companies have come out with certain good product which does manages to make us look pretty and fresh.

It’s almost 6:40 dear wake up your school bus leaves with 7:30. -Mamma please 2 mins more..Ok dear. Honey please wake up its 6:40am.Dear why do u look like a monster early in the morning comes the reply. Finally after lot of coaxing which finally leads to screaming, my daughter and husband pull themselves out of the bed. First daughter has to take charge of the bathroom and every 5 mins there’s a knock on the bathroom road. Hope you are brushing your teeth properly and hurry else we will miss the bus. On the other hand Dearie husband locked himself inside the bathroom with the newspaper so that this monster can’t disturb him.  In the mean time checked her school bag.  School uniform is ready. Shoes polished and ready.  One more episode would be tying her hair.

Finally managed to get my daughter ready and wave her as she boards the school bus. Now the next little child awaits my attention. There I can hear him shouting- where is my hankie??…my socks…??Can’t you keep things arranged?  (Oh yes I can definitely keep things arranged if you stop throwing them here and there). Finally left home. Just managed to take a bite of that sandwich on the way. After a lot of hustle and bustle managed to reach office and there all the eyebrows raised cause once again I am late today-as usual.

In office I am not a woman I am a fellow employee expected to work at par with her counterparts. Attend meetings, meeting targets else explanations. Breaking our head and debugging. Its 5:00 pm need to rush but so much of work is still pending. I know I know people gossiping behind –just see she came late and leaving early but who cares, my daughter who is in the playschool now after her school got over is waiting for me.

6:15 reached home. My daughter I eagerly waiting to open her box filled with excitement and there me running around to prepare some snacks for her-she may be hungry after the entire day and start dinner preparations yet lends her all her attention. 7:30 husband returns.  No mood for having homemade snacks so just leaves to attend his evening ADDA with friends. Mom dear sits down with homework’s and evening study sessions. Even managing the Dinner. 9:30 pm all ready for dinner. Post dinner Husband sits down with Laptop or the TV. Though daughter has some inclination towards the TV but no there is no TIME. You need to sleep now; tomorrow morning there is school again. After putting her daughter to sleep she sits down for ironing the next day clothes. Polishing her shoes. Finally its 11:00pm and she is dead. You kick her, punch her or prick her she is simply DEAD. However there is an exception. If the kid is not well then she can spend her entire night awake sitting next to her yet ready for her battle-her next Day

After everything if we miss out on something we are called incapable or irresponsible. It’s not easy to be working and managing home at the same time. But we give all our efforts and if we falter please don’t criticize us. Try to understand us. We are like you, made of flesh and blood. You have weekends but do we have weekends. Our Weekends means cooking something good. Dusting and washing.

I didn’t write this article to prove how great we -the Women are, but just a request don’t underestimate us or criticize us shortcomings. We just ask for some love and respect added with a little appreciation. This is all we ask from you.

It even hurts us when we leave our kids in playschool and go to office. We even want to play with them. But if we are working it’s not only for the financial Independence. It’s for the Family.