Randam thoughts #2

Zindegi ek banjar zameen si thi…

tum aane se wahan achanak barish ka mausam aagaya

Barson se sukhi thi jo zameen

Aaj wahan bahaar aagaya

Bhatak tha raha dar dar

Dhunta raha tumhe yahan wahan…

jab thak ..har ke baith gaya

aur karli band apni ankhen……tum thi wahan..

Apne dil ko main samjhata raha

ki tu dhire dhadak…kahin usse tere dhadne ki awaz sunai na de

Mere dil ne haske kaha..ye pagal gaurse se sun..dhadak to mai raha hu…par uske seene mai…

Because – I love myself.

I read not because I tired of watching the Television

I write not because I am tired of being idle

I sleep not because I am tired of being awake

I play not because I am tired of being lazy

I run not because I am tired of sitting for long

I work not because I am tired of being Jobless

I enjoy not because I am tired of being gloomy

I laugh not because I am tired of being sad

I care not because I am tired of being careless

I love not because I am tired of not being loved

I live not because I am tired of being lifeless

I read, I write, I sleep, I play, I run,

I work, I enjoy, I laugh, I care, I love

I Live-because I love myself.

VLCC Lavang Moisturizer

The weather has started changing and so is my skin. Few days back those winter saviors are now making my skin an oil factory. It’s time for change now so an ever confused me finally picked up VLCC Lavang Moisturiser made for Normal to Oily skin.


Company’s Verdict:




Shelflife: 3years


Price: INR 135/-

WP_20140207_015 GH_VLCC_Lavang_Moisturiser

My Experience:

After I got this product I searched for the reviews online and to my despair all were mostly negative. I was sad, very sad. But I had to option because I had already opened the cover box and in no way I could have got it exchanged. But the colour of the packaging which were reviewed was different from mine. They had off-white colored bottle and mine was white. I though after reading all those negative remarks the company had improved on the product and have changed the color as well. This boosted up my confidence and supported me to try the product.


WP_20140207_027 WP_20140207_025 GH_VLCC_Lavang_Moisturiser

This comes in a white flip cap bottle which is quite easy to carry and travel friendly. It has typical clove smell and lingers hardly for a minute or so and then subsides. This won’t make you feel greasy at all and gets absorbed in no time giving a moisturized feeling. And it does control oil throughout the day as mentioned by the company. Honestly this moisturizer has given certain amount of glow to my face which I currently love.

Basically I like moisturizers without spf so that I can wear them at any time of the day. And this moisturizer has satisfied all my needs. It provides a clean, non-greasy look; add glow and controls oil. My skin is basically normal so I apply a bit more in quantity. But for oily skin I guess not much would be needed. Overall am really happy with this impulsive purchase of mine. However I have a doubt with the ingredient list. If I sum up the quantity mentioned that means there are something else which has not been mentioned.



  1. Controls oil.
  2. Adds glow
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Affordable
  5. Easily available
  6. Travel friendly
  7. Spill proof packaging
  8. Animal friendly



  1. Clove smell be overpowering to sensitive nose.
  2. Not at all suitable for dry skin
  3. No spf
  4. Complete ingredient list is missing


Overall rating: 4.5.

I will definitely recommend this for oily skin girls who are looking for a good budget friendly moisturiser


Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand Cream


Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand Cream with Jojoba and Mango


Being a working mother of a toddler means you are constantly on your toes and your hands are always busy. Basically I am born with dry hands and now the situation is even worse. My hands look like I am 85 years old. And Honestly I hardly pay any attention to them till recently when my parlour girl told: “Madam aapke haath bahut kharab hai”. It felt like a direct slap. So I thought lets indulge in some had creams at least and got this Oriflame Nature Sectrets Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin with Jojoba and Mango.





Price: INR 198/-

Shelf life: 3yrs




My Experience: This Cream comes in a beautiful tube which is quite travel friendly and easy to carry. It is creamy white in color and has typical mango smell which lingers for quite some time. Even after two hours if you sniff your palm you can experience a faint mango smell.. However coming to the performance, it disappointed me. I didn’t have any effect on my wrinkled dry hands. Seconds after apply though my hands feel moisturized but the look remains the same. I tried applying it at regular intervals but no result. I even tried taking more quantity but the only difference was it took more time in getting absorbed. However once absorbed it won’t leave behind any greasiness


1. Affordable
2. Sweet smell of Mango that lingers for quite some time
3. Travel friendly
4. Beautiful packaging.
5. Leaves no greasy feeling

1. Not enough Moisturizing.( I guess that’s most important factor)

Overall rating: 2.75

May be girls with lesser dry hands than me find it suitable but for me it’s a big NO and I am not purchasing this again.

Himalaya Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Applying makeup and then removing makeup. We girls can really spend so much of time and energy to enhance our beauty. With makeup with try to hide our imperfections and successfully removing makeup makes sure we are not harming ourselves and maintaining our natural beauty. Thus removing makeup should be an integral part of our daily routine. But is it only removing makeup? No its removing impurities, oil, dirt, grime and dead cells that accumulate throughout the day so that our skin can be breathe easily and rest during sleep and we wake up to a more beautiful person.
In terms of cleansing milk I haven’t tried much however this is the first time I tried Himalaya’s Refreshing Cleansing milk.
My skin type: Normal.

Company’s Verdict:

Company's verdict

Company’s verdict


Ingredients list

Ingredients list

Price: INR 80/- for 100ml.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_1

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_1

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_2

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_2

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_6

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_6

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_5

Him_Refreshing_Cleansing Milk_5

My experience: Himalaya’s Refreshing Cleansing milk comes in a white opaque sturdy bottle and the product milky white with thickened texture and mild fragrance. You just require a coin size amount for your face and neck. It takes some time in getting absorbed so you need to massage it a bit. After that you can simply cleaning it with a damp cotton wool and your face is all clean. It removes all dirt and oil in just one swipe. After cleaning you feel fresh and moisturized and there is a subtle glow. At times I even miss my moisturizer and still it doesn’t feel stretchy. As I prefer water soluble makeup so I am unable to comment about its performance on waterproof makeup. Generally I use olive oil and Johnson’s baby oil for my eye region but certain times I have used this and the results were equally effective.

1. Effective in removing makeup, oil and dirt.
2. Imparts an subtle glow after cleansing
3. Feels refreshing
4. Doesn’t dry out skin
5. Affordable
6. Not Tested on Animals
1. Contains parabens
2. Takes time in getting absorbed.
Overall rating: 4. I think one should definitely give it a try.